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Drain cleaning & Listeria prevention quick course

There are many opportunities for contamination with Listeria during the process of food
production. As Listeria thrives in stagnant water, it is important to address areas where water
may be trapped during food processing.

Why worry about pH in drains?
There is always water in the P-Trap, which serves as a harbor to Listeria. Develop an environmental cleaning and sanitizing program that includes plant drains.

DeLaval Drain Products to keep drains cleaner
Iodine: A broad spectrum of kill with less ability to build up resistance in drains.
Quat: Easy and safe to use, leaving behind a residual in drains.


DeLaval Drain Rings (1897) clean and deodorize standing water in drains, drain trap, and condensate trays providing continuous microbial and odor control.


Klean Drain Quat Sausages and Donuts (9652) controlled release product effective against odor-causing bacteria. Lasts up to (6) months, effectively maintaining clean water and inhibiting the foul odors caused by mildew, fungi, bacteria, and slime.


DeLaval Drain Links (1898) conform to fit those areas where traditional drain products won’t fit.


DeLaval Drain Blocks (1852) slowly release concentrated levels of iodine, providing a continuous source of antibacterial solution.


DeLaval Drain Gel (1855) provides an adhesive film of iodine for lasting protection.

Follow a 4-step environmental cleaning and sanitizing program

Step 1:


Remove product and food residue as well as clutter from area.

Step 2:


Thoroughly foam the entire areas with alkaline foam cleaner..

Step 3:


Using powdered caustic floor cleaner and drainspecific brush, thoroughly scrub drain area.

Step 4:


Thoroughly rinse, inspect and flood sanitize using designated sanitizer at proper concentration. Then install recommended iodine product or coat the drain with Clean Front Iodine Gel Powder.

How effective is your sanitation process?

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