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About us

Our Vision

We make sustainable food production possible.

Our focus is on partnering with food processors to provide the best integrated solutions and consistent value-added results to their cleaning and processing needs.

Our Mission

Partnering with food processors to deliver safe and innovative solutions to complex cleaning needs through the optimization of cleaning efficiencies and delivery of excellent service support.


Our Values

  • Trust and Accountability

  • Communication, Collaboration and Respect

  • Discipline

  • Partnership & Follow – through

  • Trust & Transparency

  • Safety

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Regulatory Offerings

DeLaval Cleaning Solutions is committed to provide fully compliant products to meet the requirements of your company’s sanitation program. We have a dedicated North American Regulatory Team, covering the United States, Mexico, and Canada, that supports EPA and FDA registrations and has the expertise to assure the products we offer are in accordance with their governing regulatory agencies.

Our Regulatory Team works closely with Research & Development and our Sales/Service Team, from conceptualization to completion, to offer our customers effective and compliant cleaners and sanitizers. Whether you are in need of an EPA-registered disinfectant, an FDA-allowed food contact solution, cleaners for organic production, or anything else, we are working to assure a comprehensive and compliant product line for our food and beverage customers.

R&D Team

The global Research and Development headquarters for DeLaval are located in Kansas City, MO. We are an ISO 1902 accredited laboratory operating under GLP standards. Our accreditation allows us to submit data to regulatory agencies globally for product approval. Our research team consists of Ph.D. Chemists and Microbiologists, along with laboratory technicians and field specialists. In addition to individual wet chemistry labs, our facility also houses a state-of-the-art analytical chemistry laboratory with autotitrators, HPLC, IR, IC, spectrophotometers and other equipment. In addition, we have scale up laboratories to bridge the development work between bench top and pilot batches at the manufacturing facility. Our microbiology laboratory is a BSL-2 lab with a culture collection of over 50 species, both type species and from the field. In addition to standard laboratory equipment including biological chambers, incubators, microscopes, etc., we specialize in biofilm research, with equipment to simulate biofilm growth under a variety of conditions. Our team thrives in collaborations with universities and research institutes. We are regular speakers at national and international conferences, and show case our work in posters, white papers, patents and peer review articles. Maintaining open communication channels with the market needs and with our customers is paramount. We have a pilot facility with small scale equipment that allow us to test cleaners for open floor cleaning (foaming), CIP, and COP applications, as well as conduct biofilm removal studies on pilot scale operations. This pilot facility also serves as training grounds for our DCS Academy, a comprehensive cleaning and sanitation training offered twice per year to DCS customers and prospects. Learn more here.

IP Protection

DeLaval has a strong IP portfolio that is an integral part of our offering, and continuously protects new innovations with patent applications and trademarks to the benefit of our customers. We have a team of patent attorneys and IP specialists, as well as a global network of outside counsel maintaining a strong and business relevant IP portfolio that is supporting our R&D investments.

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The objective of our sanitation programs is to increase your working knowledge of sanitation and sanitation practices as they relate to the dairy, food, and beverage processing and packaging industries.

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Part of the Tetra Laval group

DeLaval is part of the Tetra Laval family alongside worldwide players in the food and packing industry, Tetra Pak and Sidel.

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