Conveyor Lubricant

Conveyor lubricant solutions specific to your packaging

Your type of packaging and conveyor belt play a big role in processing. DeLaval Cleaning Solutions has a specialty line of lubricants to ensure your process can flow smoothly, without the added headache of slippage, spillage, or broken containers.

No matter which area of your plant you’re looking to clean, we have a variety of options of different chemistries that our service professionals can recommend for your specific needs.

Fatty Acid Lube Food Contact Approved Lube Semi-Synthetic Lube Semi-Synthetic Lube Antimicrobial Lube Synthetic Dry Lube
Aluminum Cans

How effective is your sanitation process?

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    The objective of our sanitation programs is to increase your working knowledge of sanitation and sanitation practices as they relate to the dairy, food, and beverage processing and packaging industries.

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